Love Your Local Trader

Love your Local Trader

sponsored by London Borough of Croydon

*NB: To enter, you must have a REGISTERED/TRADING ADDRESS in the London Borough of Croydon.

Are you an independent retailer with a brilliant and unique offer?

With consumer spending driving much of our economy, retail sales are a critical economic success factor. Independent retailers create a range of vibrant and distinctive offers, making the shopping experience unique and special. There is a significant supply chain footprint sitting behind every thriving retail outlet – be that online, in the High Street or out of town – relying on the performance of the retailer to sustain the vibrancy of their own economic ecosystem. This award recognises the contribution made by independent retailers in growing and sustaining the local economy.


  • First-class customer service
  • A good business plan
  • Strong business performance and significant current business growth achievements
  • Innovation and market differentiation, with high quality products and services
  • Change agility, with the ability to adapt to consumer and commercial trends.