Nominate a Business

Nominate your favourite business

Here is your chance to tell us about a business you feel deserves to be recognised for its hard work and achievements at the Croydon Business Excellence Awards.

Our new Nominate a Business feature allows members of the public the opportunity to recommend any company across the borough.

Perhaps it’s a firm you feel delivers great customer service, brilliant products or services, excellent staff or apprentice training, or fantastic levels of support to the local community.

It can be any type of business, organisation, charity or social enterprise across the London Borough of Croydon.

You don’t have to specify which awards category your favourite business should enter – just tell us their name and contact details, and why you are nominating them. We will then contact the business and invite them to submit a formal entry.

Local businesses are the lifeblood of our community, keeping our economy healthy and providing employment. The Croydon Business Excellence Awards celebrate their achievements. Help us to recognise your favourite and Nominate a Business today.

Nomination for the 2018 Croydon Business Excellence Awards has now closed.