Inspirational Young Person of the Year

Inspirational Young Person of the Year

sponsored by London Borough of Croydon

The Inspirational Young Person of the Year Award will celebrate those outstanding young people in Croydon who inspire others through their enterprise, energy and positive attitude to life and their community.

Over 93, 000 young people live in Croydon – that’s a massive fifth of the population. The choices they make not only affect their own futures but also those of everyone else living in the borough.

Poor life choices can impact badly on the community as a whole. But those young people who make positive choices about their futures, by committing to a career, an apprenticeship, or a business, are not only positive role models for their peers, they are also ambassadors for Croydon.

Aligned closely with Croydon Council’s ‘Choose Your Future’ campaign, the Young Enterprise award, is open to young adults aged between 18 and 25, who are dedicated to their future and using their experiences and knowledge to inspire others. They may well have overcome obstacles and barriers. They will also likely share many qualities, from drive and ambition, confidence and vision, to tenacity and a caring attitude.

Nominations are invited from employers, relatives, friends or employees who recognise these qualities in a young person that they know.

The Inspirational Young Person of the Year award will not only show what young people can achieve, it will break down negative stereotypes and identify inspirational young adults who have chosen to embrace a better future.

**The Judges are particularly looking for young people who have:**

  • Overcome social barriers or other difficulties
  • A passion for their work or ambitions
  • Commitment to their ongoing personal career development
  • Positive, inspirational relationships
  • A great story about their journey to date
  • A clear commitment to their community